Our Philosophy



The Staff and Management at Little Mangoes aim to provide your child

with a homely, safe, loving, stimulating atmosphere which nurtures the

children, caters for their individual needs and prepares them for the

challenges of life ahead.


To regard all children of all races, religions, cultures and children with

additional needs with equality, respect and consideration.

To encourage children through play to express their thoughts and

feelings, find acceptable outlets for their emotions, and make choices and

decisions for themselves.


To help encourage children to realise their full potential, develop and

extend their talents, regardless of gender, race or social origin.


To ensure Little Mangoes life is an extension of each child’s home life.


To involve parents in decisions made for the children at Little Mangoes.


For the staff and children, to recognise the diversity of cultures in

Australia and provide opportunities for all children to learn, and respect

these cultures.


To provide qualified, experienced and caring staff to meet the needs of

the individual child.


To encourage social development, so each child learns to interact

successfully in a variety of situations.