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Little Mangoes strives to provide quality long day care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age, and their families, by providing a secure, protected and stimulating environment.

Little Mangoes’ daily practices, policies and procedures, follows the principles set by The National Quality Framework and the principles, practices and learning outcomes established by the Early Years Learning Framework. We endeavour to achieve and sustain high quality care in all of these areas.

A little about us

Here at Little Mangoes, we are very aware of the great impact that quality education and care can have on a child’s future. The importance of this becomes evident throughout the centre from our programming to our care routines which are play based, child centred and respect children’s individual, cultural, religious and other diverse needs.

Children are viewed as essential members of our centre and are capable and competent co-contributors and are seen as active participants in their own learning. Educators regularly seek input from children in respect to our curriculum.

Little Mangoes recognises that a philosophy statement is a continually evolving document that emerges as new insights are gained and practices assessed. As we are continually being informed of changing attitudes, policies and practices and new ideas, our philosophy will be evaluated annually by all stakeholders, to ensure we are maintaining the highest level of education and care possible.

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Highly trained professionals

Our educators


Our staff aim to work for the team and with the team and to actively strengthen relationships with each other. Little Mangoes encourages individuals to further enhance their education and maintain their ongoing learning and development. Educators participate in critical reflection of our program, routines, practices and philosophy to enrich the decision making process in regards to children’s learning.


Little Mangoes places great confidence in our educators and we believe that it is their role to provide a stimulating, responsive and sometimes challenging environment where learning takes place through positive reinforcement and encouragement. 

Collaboration and communication


Little Mangoes strives to develop and sustain collaborative relationships that encourage mutual respect with families and recognises the critical importance of children, parents and educators seen to be equal partners in a learning community that encourages the well-being, education and development of all children. This establishes continuity of learning and care for children, based on open communication and strengthens a developing understanding and respect for self and others within the context of our centre’s culture.

The local community and its resources are highly valued by us here at Little Mangoes and is utilised to expand children’s knowledge, values and enhance the importance of their surroundings. We aim to support and promote a child’s connection and awareness of the natural environment and sustainable practices. We highly value and have great respect for our indigenous heritage and we incorporate this profound respect into our program. We aim to value and connect with people and the community to create a sustained learning environment.

Little Mangoes has implemented Storypark to our community which is a secure, private online space to ensure your child receives the best support possible and that you are involved and up-to-date with your child’s development.

Storypark provides each child with an online community which you (their parent/guardian) own and control who has access to, at no cost, for as long as you wish. Storypark also allows for smooth transitions when your child moves from one educator/centre to another, as you can transfer your child’s information with them.

NQS Rating - Exceeding

The National Quality Standard sets a benchmark for the quality of all education and care services across Australia.

Quality area Rating
1. Educational program and practice Meeting NQS
2. Children’s health and safety Meeting NQS
3. Physical environment Exceeding NQS
4. Staffing arrangements Exceeding NQS
5. Relationships with children Exceeding NQS
6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Exceeding NQS
7. Governance and leadership Exceeding NQS

Last updated: 22 Jun 2017

Services are rated by their regulatory authority against the seven areas of the NQS to determine the level of quality being provided.
Parents can be assured that all licenced services will have been assessed to ensure they meet compliance standards relating to areas such as child health and safety.

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NQS Rating - Exceeding

We acknowledge that we are on traditional lands of the Jawoyn, Dagoman and Wardaman peoples. We offer our respect to the Elders of these traditional lands and, through them, to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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