Healthy Children

Little Mangoes staff regularly attend professional development workshops and in house training to reflect on ways to improve children’s capacity to increase their social and emotional wellbeing, resilience, and overall health.

Our educators are being trained by a yoga instructor to improve their own wellbeing and teach the children some basic yoga techniques.

We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children.  We provide stretcher beds for children and play soft music in the background.

Children and Educators will wear hats and appropriate clothing when outside. Staff will encourage children, including by way of modelling behaviour, to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and to wear suitable sunscreen.

NT Health Child Vaccination Schedule

Vaccination is the best way to protect your child from serious disease.

NT Health Exclusion Guidelines

If your child gets sick, NT health provides the minimum exclusion periods.

Staying Healthy
(5th Edition)

This guide helps prevent infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services